Everyone starts somewhere…

It seems that somehow you have stumbled on to this page. Let’s blame it on your unsatisfying quench for the enthralling and captivating world of musicians and their brilliance in creating the music that we sentient beings live and die for… of course it could also have just been an accident, or boredom– maybe both.

REGARDLESS of this, you are here and I welcome you. In this small seemingly insignificant speck on the inter-web I shall be posting about local bands from Orange County in southern California, USA, which include photos, reviews, and live footage that I have accumulated. Also included will be some tidbits of footage I have from various larger concerts/venues I have attended.

My endeavor for this project is to create a page where people can find new music and bands that people would never have otherwise found, heard of, or even cared about.

Everyone has got to start somewhere, right?

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