Built to Spill and Genders @ The Observatory, Santa Ana CA July 18, 2015

The first and last time I saw Built to Spill had been at the FYF Fest in LA about a year ago, so when I found out that Built to Spill was playing in Santa Ana, I was pretty damn ecstatic. The Observatory, even though its a shit hole, is a really small venue and so that negates pretty much everything else that’s bad about the place. Point being, I was very excited to see Built to Spill in such a small and intimate setting.

I couldn’t find any information about who would be opening the show for BTS, and so I was curious to see who would be awarded the privilege and it turned out to be a band from Portland Oregon known as Genders. My first thought about Genders was, “Oh cool, female drummer.” And as for their front lady, well, she was pretty damn likeable (her voice is awesome) and while their bassist looked like he was Mike Meyers double from Wayne’s World, he was definitely a presence on stage. All in all, Genders are a very soothing, almost ethereal feeling band that I’d definitely see again.


It was nice to hear a mix of both older and newer songs from Built to Spill, and I could tell the crowd felt the same way. We got to hear quite a bit of the 90’s BTS with songs like “Revolution,” “In the Morning,” and “Velvet Waltz,” as well as some of their more recent songs like, “Liar,” “Mess with Time,” and “Living Zoo.” Built to Spill was glorious and I can happily admit that I loved seeing them just as much as my first time. Now…for the pictures!!





If you’re looking for an all around mellow band with an ability to pull at your emotional heart-strings, then Built to Spill is for you.

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