Wallburds /Big Monsta /Blue Eyed Lucy /Them Evils @ The Wayfarer, Costa Mesa CA 7/23/15

Okay, first off I would like to start this post informing anyone who is reading that I had a lot of great footage of this show last night. However, like a complete n00b, I lost almost half of my footage and photos. Perhaps it was the beer, or my own stupidity…probably both. The point is, I lost some excellent memorabilia of two really good bands: The Wallburds and Big Monsta. So shout out to them because both of them were fantastic and I wish I could give them some visual justice. Next time I guess. Coming to the Wayfarer I was really curious about the bands playing because even though I knew one of the bands already (Blue Eyed Lucy), I had never heard any of their music. In situations like this I love when it turns out that all of the bands were good and complete gold because I enjoyed all of them. No really, I’m not kidding, I really did.

Although I’m kicking myself for not having any footage of the Wallburds, I will say this about the band: Their music is some SICK rock n’ roll that is catchy as hell, and I really like that they have a female bassist. I know, strange thing to say, but anytime a chick is in the band I always take note of that. It’s cool, okay? I’m sure most would agree.

Moving along, the trio known as Big Monsta was the next to perform and these guys blew me away. Again, some great rock n’ roll but with a killer “bluesy” vibe to it, which almost always sits well with me. Their frontman Jimmy Hua appeared to be this unassuming guy who did not strike me as a musician while he was hanging out around the bar, but when he got on stage it was obvious, I mean the talent is just in your face. Altogether the three of them were bitchin’ as hell, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again (AND KEEPING THE DAMN FOOTAGE).

Okay let me give you folks something to look at before I tell you my thoughts on Blue Eyed Lucy.

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 128~2

They’re a pretty photogenic group, wouldn’t you agree?

Okay so as I mentioned earlier I knew of Blue Eyed Lucy because I actually went to high school with two of the band members, Armand Lance and Trevin Welty. I hadn’t seen them for almost 4 years, so it was nice seeing some familiar faces. Also, last time I saw Armand and his band (at the time) play, I was in high school when he was in a very Indie band, so I was curious to see what direction this current band had gone. Turned out to be right up my musical alley. These guys have an awesome rock n’ roll feel to them with some immense vocals ( I think literally all of them, even the drummer, have some input in vocals). Their stage presence is awesome and their interesting to watch because they are so obviously enjoying themselves. I don’t think I’ve seen someone have so much fun with the tambourine like Trevin did, and it was pretty rad seeing some serious multitasking going on. You had Trevin playing guitar, singing, and shaking the tambourine, as well as Vince Phung singing, playing guitar, and the keyboard. One last thing I’ll mention, Armand can fucking sing, and I totally forgot until last night.

Now for some pictures!

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 020~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 045~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 054~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 072~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 126~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 134~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 146~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 153~2

And finally we come to Them Evils. I was curious to see Them Evils because it appeared that they were the ones to bring in the crowd. And they did, because by the time they played the Wayfarer was significantly more crowded than earlier. And once they started, I understood why: they’re fucking great. I liked them because they were a bit heavier, grittier, and more metal (ish) than all the other bands previous, and they were thoroughly entertaining to watch. The crowd really liked them as well, because it was only while they were playing that people started to get semi rowdy ( and I say semi, because it really wasn’t even rowdy). These guys are worth keeping on your radar, I know they are on mine.

And finally, some more photos.

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 194~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 230~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 239~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 255~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 278~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 287~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 300~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 374~2

blueeyedlucyandthemevils 391~2

Until next time. 😉

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