Opeth @ Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles, CA 10/25/15

There’s something about this Swedish metal band that I really can’t get enough of; and seeing them for the first time, just days before Halloween was incredible– I “fan girl” hard for these guys, they just nail progressive death metal.  And as if I wasn’t excited enough, the first song they played was “Ghost of Perdition,” which is one of their songs that would have left me feeling slightly disappointed after the show, had I left the venue unheard. I’d say they aimed to please this performance with songs from Blackwater Park, Orchid, and Ghost of Reveries, all of which WERE FUCKING SPECTACULAR. Ahem, sorry, got a little excited. Moving along…

At one point they took audience requests, which was pretty cool, and so they spent about 20 minutes or so playing bits and pieces from various songs. How they actually decided what they would play amid all the screaming, evades me.   Regrettably I was only able to capture one video of their performance Beneath the Mire, pretty much because I was just enjoying myself too damn much to film or even really photograph the whole time. The beer helped too. So I’ll leave this post with two things: a couple grainy photos from my shitty cell phone camera and an earnest wish that, if you are a metal fan who hasn’t heard of these guys, you will go listen to them. Right now. Go. Now.


Ugh…the resolution…it hurts.

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