Caitlin Lucia/ NightAir/ Big Monsta @ The Observatory Santa Ana, CA 8/13/16

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a small, rather intimate show in the Constellation Room at the Observatory OC in Santa Ana, CA Saturday August 13, 2016. Utilizing The Observatory’s far superior production facility, friends, family, and fans alike enjoyed the sound of OC based bands Big Monsta, Nightair, and Caitlin Lucia & The Daisy Train.



Brought back to the Constellation Room after a 3 year hiatus, a more mature Big Monsta took the stage. Having only heard these guys in small venues, where more-often-than-not the sound quality is compromised, it was quite an interesting experience to really hear this blues-rock band. Frontman Jimmy Hua’s strong vocals sounded crisp and clear. Adrian Sanchez’s bass lines were almost palpable, and combined with Mike Willson’s energy, the rhythm section sounded stronger, tighter even. Of course, it probably helped that these guys were opening…less opportunity for Mike and Adrian “drinky time.”




Rambunctious and rather adorable, Nightair is an indie rock band that is definitely popular with the ladies. Wonder why? Well, imagine a group of attractive young men throwing roses at you. Yup, that’s right, for their opening song “The Roses,” these boys tossed elegant, long-stemmed red roses into the audience. Swoon much? At their heaviest sounding Nightair’s tunes have surf/garage-like rock elements that, combined with some soft, sweet melodies and frontman Tony Davia’s  Waaves reminiscent vocals,  usher them into an indie pop-rock genre. Having nailed their stage presence the audience couldn’t help but sway-along, smile, and playfully sword-fight with their new rose weapons as Nightair jammed.




If I had to try and describe Caitlin Lucia in one word, I choose darling. Her countenance, genuine and kind, certainly embodies itself in her solid tone, and dynamic vocal expression. Iconic with her acoustic guitar in hand, her folk-roots music is amplified by the strong guitar and rhythm sections that encompass “The Daisy Train.” Combining her set with some original and cover songs, Caitlin captivated the audience with some serious tambourine skills, contagious energy, and an impressive wardrobe change mid-performance. This girl is working towards her dreams and when you listen to her perform, you have that feeling she’s going to make it.


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